Sweet Country – Sweet Tooth – How to Prevent Cavities

Sweet Country – Sweet Tooth – How to Prevent Cavities

A Sweet Tooth = Cavities. Here’s your solution

Everyone knows that they should stay away from sugary snacks and drinks help to protect teeth. Unfortunately, many have a sweet tooth which can’t be avoided all the time. Here is few tips from dentists to help and continue to eat the sweet treats.

Brushing your teeth always have a beneficial outcome in the long run. After any sweet treat, brushing the sugar away from your teeth will prevent the slow decay that can build up. Portable toothbrushes are also recommended for long distance travels or long hours to always have the access to healthy teeth.
Fruits with the healthy sugar will not cause cavities as it is absorbed into your body and helps other parts of your being.
Replacing overly sugary snacks for the healthier option will reduce cravings for the extra sugar need long-term, allowing your body to reduce the need for the snacks.
The mouth rinse can also remove leftover sugar from your teeth nearly as good as brushing the teeth.
Chewing Gum without extra sugar can increase saliva which removes the coat of sugar that is left in the mouth.

The main goal to prevent cavities is by allowing no excess sugar to remain on the teeth for a long period of time.

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